Map of Essex 1777

Digital Map of Essex 1777 Version 2


Similar to Google Maps, on a computer, you can zoom in and out by using the + and – buttons, by double-clicking or by using your mouse scroll wheel. To move around the map simply click and drag or use your keyboard arrow keys. On a mobile, you can use typical navigation gestures such as press and drag to move around the map and double-tap or pinch and spread to zoom in and out.

SUMMARY Version 2
Tim Fransen has produced this interactive version of the Map of the County of Essex 1777 by John Chapman & Peter André based on the original 18th-century atlas of twenty-five engraved sheets digitised and supplied by the Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage, Spain. This open access version supports all modern web browsers, platforms and devices for the benefit of students, teachers, historians, researchers and other interested people.

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